Welcome to the Service Dog Network

Community designed and operated by service dog people for service dog people

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Monthly Themes

We mold what we engage in based on current trends, culture, and events month to month.

Weekly topics

Each week we take a deep dive on various topics and provide the perfect place for connectivity and enlightenment.

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Why Join the Network?

Six reasons to join us


Service dog people at unprecedented levels.


In podcasts, PSA's, round table discussions, weekly topics and daily activities.


Run by service dog people for service dog people.


Is entertainment and education for the public crafted for maximum impact.


Relevant topics of the day to make an impact and help service dog culture.


Community confidence for service dog people and their needs.

Who We Serve

We bring a higher level of connectivity to the assistance dog community.


Service Dog Teams

Will be able to connect with other service dog people, puppy raisers, and organizations in addition to finding resources and tools to make life more comfortable.

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Puppy Raisers

Will find tools to help find a service dog organization to raise a dog for, connect with other raisers, users, and the service dog community in general.

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Service Dog Organizations

Will be able to keep their puppy raising criteria current and easily track able for new recruits, connect with other service dog people, and provide new connections with service dog users and puppy raisers.

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The Service Dog Network brings all members of the service dog community together by providing valuable tools and resources that everyone can benefit from.

— Katie Cuppy

Board Member, GrowingUpGuidePup.org

Give yourself a healthy life

The Service Dog Network is dedicated to providing valuable networking tools for service dog organizations, service dog users, and service dog puppy raisers