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We serve the assistance dog community in ways that help service dog culture thrive, grow and evolve.

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Online Network

Our niche online network is for service dog people who are interested in new and innovative collaborative solutions. Not only for service dog users, but for puppy raisers and organizations as well.



"The Service Dog Network" Podcast focuses on current issues in the service dog community and topics that are important to service dog culture.

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We enlighten the public about topics concerning service dog culture, etiquette and law using highly produced multimedia edutainment programming.

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Trading Cards

Service dog users, raisers and organizations create their own service dog trading cards for sharing with inquiring minds, family, friends and colleagues.

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Info Graphics

We will to build the most comprehensive library of info graphical posters, charts, and post cards for people to share and learn from.

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Accessibility Signage

We aim to provide the most cutting edge library of accessibility signs, window clings, and posters for service dog people in the industry.

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