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Serving with a Purpose

There are a lot of discussions to have as the first network in the world focused on issues that matter to people who live a service dog life.

Our Mission, Happy People

Providing a voice to those who otherwise may not be heard brings important dialogue and progress to the industry.

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The Service Dog Network (SDN) gives a voice to the unique people who require highly trained dogs to help them live more fulfilling lives.

— Amie & Matthew Thomas Chapman

Founders of the Service Dog Network

Meet The Team

We're dedicated people working for you

Bernard Biting Matt

Matthew Thomas Chapman

Founder, President, Producer, Director, Web Developer, Host

Amie Brigadoon photo

Amie Chapman

Founder, Executive Director, Licensed RVT, Blogger, Host

Abi and Buffy

Abi Menon

Vice-Chairman Officer

Mario Photo

Mario Cavett

Board Officer

Nidhi Photo

Nidhi Khurana Nalawade

Board Officer


Emily Cyr

Graphic Designer

Carolyn Wing Greenlee Headshot

Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Podcast Contributor, Applied Kinesiologist

Troy Martin Photo

Troy Martin

Video Editor

chris & nuke IMG_1398

Chris Crimi

Graphic Designer

Dad Close up in studio, 09

Tom Chapman

Graphics Designer

Cam'o with Sunglasses

Alice Munley

Blogger, Podcast Contributor

Untitled design

Zoe Oliver-Grey



Associate Podcast Producer



Service Dog Advice Columnist TBA "Deary Gabby" Column



Senior Content Moderator TBA



Service Dog Organization Coordinator TBA



Online Dog Trainer TBA

Loved by Many

See the opinion of our valuable supporters

The Service Dog Network is a great place for service dog people to build better lives for themselves.
Dina Zidan
Treasurer 2018-2019, GrowingUpGuidePup.org California
Service Dog Network is an exceptional place. They helped me connect with local puppy raisers when I moved to a different part of the country.
Ashley Carrol
Board Officer 2015 - 2017 GrowingUpGuidePup.org California

We'll help with your service dog needs like none other.

The Service Dog Network is dedicated to providing valuable networking tools for service dog organizations, service dog users, and service dog puppy raisers.